About Us

Our People are what make Chapman unique.

Our core team at Birmingham have moved forward in improving both products and services, ensuring the longevity of the Chapman brand.

The Chapman Driver Seat has been setting standards for comfort and durability for decades. Look around any bus depot in the UK, Europe or even the Far East and you will soon notice that the majority of drivers seats are Chapman. Why? It’s simple – Chapman seats have provided bus and coach operators with a comfortable, robust and serviceable driver seat that just keeps on going. All our seating products are designed with comfort, function and serviceability in mind.

Our Mission Statement

Chapman Driver Seating will continuously improve it’s products and services to ensure that the customer’s expectations of product quality and best overall cost of purchase are achieved.

We will do this through education, development and empowerment of our workforce so they will have the necessary skills to deliver a world class product to our customers.

By acknowledging and adapting to our external environment and ensuring we identify our customers needs and satisfying them before our competitors do.

Our motivated and inspired employees will work in a clean and safe environment and take pride in supplying quality products and services every time.